Easy Train Two Way Wireless Communication System


Features & Benefits

  •  A compact two-way wireless instruction system
  •  This device allows both the instructor and pupil to communicate regardless of wind and other background noise.  Clear instruction can be communicated both ways using the high quality transmitter and receiver over distances of up to 300 metres.
  •  The system is small, compact and discreet.
  •  It is completely handsfree allowing the pupil to focus.


Set includes:

  •  1 x transmitter
  •  1 x receiver
  •  2 x microphone/earpiece
  •  1 x mains charger
  •  1 x spare USB lead
  •  1 x carry bag (please note design may differ from picture)


The Easy Train Two Way Wireless Horse Instruction System is supplied with a 1 year Guarantee

Easy Train Two Way Wireless Communication Horse Instruction System