Speedy dummy 250g - thanks to the strap instead of the classic toggle, this is perfectly suitable for training for long distances.  The speedy dummy flies faster and further using the same effort.  This makes the dummy more interesting than a standard dummy.


Made from high-quality durable material, it can be used in water and also with training scents.


Material:  100% canvas

Length:  circa 19cm

Diameter: circa 6cm


Caution:  Dummies aren't toys and are not intended for playing and dragging!  Dummy substitutes the training game and its purpose is to train retrieving and hunt practice.  Do not leave your dog unattended with the dummy and do not let him chew it.


If the dummies are wet after training, leave to dry freely in the air, not in direct sunlight.


To avoid a possible injury to you and your dog, check the status of your training equipment regularly, and if you find any damage, do not use it.

Firedog Speedy Dummy 250g green