Can be purchased filled or cover only


Medium - Measurements 75cm x 90cm

Waterproof and comfortable beds for dogs (well our dogs think so ...)

A hard-wearing "double-layered" dog bed.  The breathable outer cover is made from 1000 denier cordura fabric and is closed using heavy duty hook and loop fastening meaning no zips.

It incorporates an inner flap to hold the removable inner.

The removable inner is made from a waterproof membraned nylon and is zipped to close.

The bed is supplied with fire-retardant hollow fibre but if you prefer you can use your own filling, such as paper, blankets, duvet or pillows.

Manufactured to our design

Product Information (including cleaning instructions):

Outer Cover:  made from hard-wearing 1000 denier cordura fabric, this cover can be hosed down, or washed in the washing machine


Inner:  made from strong waterproof membraned nylon, the inner can be simply wiped clean

Filling: fire-retardant hollow fibre


Colour: Brown


Size: Medium

Nossebed Brown (M)